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Braille Music Transcriptions
for Guitarist

The files listed below are available for FREE download and use.
The music is from publications in the Public Domain, my own arrangements,
or arrangements by others with their permission.  The source for each is identified.

If you are new to reading braille music, the
Mini-dictionary at the bottom of the page
has a list of the braille signs used for guitar music.

Recently added transcriptions are announced at the top of the list with a link directly to the new pieces.
The list of music is alphabetical by composer. The download files include: 
the braille copy (BRF) [right click to save]; the ink print copy (PDF), and an audio midi file (MID) if available.
The second cell in the table contains the resource information and a brief description of each piece.
Suggestions are welcome. Contact me: tina@ctdcreations.com

NEW* Carols for Guitar - 3 Christmas songs arranged by Marc Lamberg
NEW* Four Studies for beginners by Dag Arve Lindsetmo
NEW* A lovely Lullaby by Jubing Kristianto

From Lesson #9, "New Method for Guitar" published in Paris, 1820. (Boije Collection #18) Easy, 1st position; 3-8 time with 32nd notes.
ANON: Spanish Romance <BRF><MID>
   <PDF-off site>
Very popular Spanish Ballad: Arrangement from Mutopia Project by Jeff Covey; Intermediate: no fingering, positions, triplets, stem signs
BACH: Minuet in G <BRF><PDF><MID>
From my own arrangement; Intermediate; 1st half is easy, 2nd half includes 2nd position. String & position signs. 
BACH: Burrée/Bourrée in Em BWV 996
From: Bach Collection 1061, p. 5. Arranged by Eythor Thorlaksson The Guitar School-Iceland; transcribed with permission. Intermediate; string signs, finger glides, fingering and mordents.
  Etude 1 (Opus 60, No. 1) <BRF> <MID> <PDF>

From (Boije Collection #94) "25 Etudes Op. 60" Published by M. B. Schott's Sohne, France, pre 1924. Moderately easy, mostly single notes and few intervals, dynamics and fingering
  Galopp <BRF> <MID> <PDF-off site>
From: Guitar Moment Vol 1, p. 21. Edited & Fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson The Guitar School-Iceland; transcribed with permission. Easy, First position, stem signs, string signs, finger glides, appoggiaturas, fingering and dynamics.
  Waltz in A  <BRF> <MID> <PDF>
  Anglaise, Op. 121 #6  <BRF> <MID> <PDF>
From: Guitar Moment Vol 1 and Carulli 29 Guitar Works for 1st & 2nd Grade. Edited & Fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson The Guitar School-Iceland; transcribed with permission
Easy, first position, stem signs, fingering and dynamics.
  Le Papillon No. 1
Le Papillon No. 2 <BRF><PDF><MID>
From (Boije Collection #139) Giuliani Op. 50; Published by Henry LeMoine, Paris pre 1924. 32 progressive pieces known as "The Butterfly." 1 & 2 are both easy, 1st position and include p i m a fingering
  Lullaby <BRF> <MP3> <PDF>
Original composition by well known Indonesian guitarist Jubing Kristianto- transcribed with permission. Moderately easy, mostly in 1st position with in-accords and few intervals.
  Allegretto <BRF> <MID> <PDF>
From: Guitar Moment Vol 1, p. 6. Edited & Fingered by Eythor Thorlaksson The Guitar School-Iceland; transcribed with permission. Easy, First position, stem signs, fingering and dynamics.
  Première esquisse <BRF> <MID> <PDF>
  Carols for Guitar:
     Douce nuit (Silent Night) <BRF><MID><PDF>
     Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
     God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Original composition by Marc Lamberg; transcribed with permission. Easy, Grade I or II. First position, string signs, fingering and dynamics. The MIDI and PDF files direct you to Marc's website: www.guitares.org
  Study No. 1
Study No. 2 <BRF><PDF><MID>
Study No. 3 <BRF><PDF><MID>
Study No. 4 <BRF><PDF><MID>

Original composition by Dag Arve Lindsetmo (b. 1963) of Ski Kommune, Norway; transcribed with permission. Easy, progressive studies in first position and a good start for beginning braille readers. The MIDI and PDF files direct you to Lindsetmo's website: www.klassiskgitar.net


Basic CHORD CHART for guitarists: BRF format for embossing, PDF print file for sighted readers, including the braille codes
and pictures of the chords, or PDF print of just the chord pictures.

A mini-dictionary of braille music codes used for guitar music.
Includes braille signs for right and left hand fingering, string signs, positions, slides or glides, glissandos, full and partial bar signs, etc.
This is just a brief list of the codes needed to get started on learning the music codes.  BRF file for embossing.
 PDF print file showing the music signs in braille but the text in normal print for the sighted readers.

Transcribed by Christina Davidson, available for FREE on THIS website only!

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