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Fabric Art
by Tina Davidson

I found a great way to recycle old clothes: cut everything up into little strips & squares and make stuff! When I ran out of material, I went to yard sales and actually PAID for used clothes (but very little!) Here are some samples of things I've made... hope you are inspired to weave & sew!

ragbags Ragbags

Custom designed, one-of-a-kind handbags
made from recycled material

(click  on image for details)
Denim Bags Denim Bags

Made from recycled bluejeans!
(click  on image for details)
rug hooking
Rug Hooking

Creations made from rag strips
using traditional rug hooking

(click  on image for details)
rag rug Rag Rug Story

Details of making a 30" x 42" rag rug
(click  on image for details)


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