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the Rag Rug story
by Tina Davidson
frame loom
In November, 2004 - I decided to make a rug for my kitchen and knew that I couldn't weave it on my 24" loom. The dimensions of the rug needed to be about 30" x 42" and I was planning to make a traditional braided rug, using cotton rags rather than wool.  But I didn't want an oval shape - so I decided to weave the braids on a "door loom" and create a rectangular rug.

A door was the perfect size (30" wide) and plenty of height for the 42" length. I used PVC pipe (1-inch) for the top & bottom beams and then used wooden dowels for the warp beams (3/4-inch). 

I mounted the beams by nailing a wooden block to the edge of the door and adding a pipe clamp to hold the PVC in place.

frame top view at the top frame bottom view at the bottom wooden block mounting

(click on the images for larger views)

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