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Music Copying
  by Christina Davidson

The Art of Music Copying is writing music notation by hand.

music sample - Ocker
Historically, all music was hand-written and hand-engraved when the printing presses started rolling.  Today, most music is typeset for publication and composers use music software to create and print their music - all in one easy step.

But I have continued to carry on the tradition
combining music copying with calligraphy and creating "beautiful music."
Little Town of Bethlehem
I have been very fortunate to have my music copying published in many songbooks for children. You are welcome to browse my portfolio of published works.

My most recent project was "The Eva Cassidy Songbook for Guitar" published by Warner Bros./ International Music Pub. © 2002. Introduction by Hugh Cassidy, Guitar tablature by Christina Davidson. There are 47 pages of hand-copied music and calligraphy verses.  The pages are also filled with art by Eva Cassidy.  Please click the image below for more details.

 Please click HERE to see my portfolio of published music copying

 3kings Woodie Guthrie Raffi Beluga

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