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Lake Superior - sunsets & agates
Ontonagon County Fair - July 2009
Chicago Botanic Gardens - March 2010
Washington DC: US Botanic Garden &
      National Museum of American History - Dec. 2009

There is something very pleasing about carving - and I have experimented with various materials (wood, soap stone, potatoes, erasers, etc.),  but plaster is one of my favorite materials. It is smooth & soft (if mixed just right) but incredibly fragile when finished. The challenge of finishing a piece before it breaks is part of the fun.

giraffe scratch bd

Scratch board art is similar to carving (if done with an exacto knife) and doesn't break into a million pieces if dropped.  I make my own boards by covering a white clayboard with a layer of black, India ink.

ceramic tile

I have taken a few pottery classes over the years - but knew I couldn't afford to set up a kiln and pottery shop in my little house. Thanks to a pottery friend, I was able to experiment with making a few ceramic tiles and ended up carving again!

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